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Wave is ready for today! Because now we face the most challenging times: fast, ever-changing, super competitive. All businesses need to adapt, grow, learn for more efficiency, productiveness and, of course, profit. You need to know where you are at all times. Blink and it’s gone.

Wave is research by nature… and can be your partner in climbing the tall mountain of success.

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Meet the Wave

We are strong and feisty.
Flexible and smart.
On point and dedicated.

These are words, but we made them facts. And we believe in research like it’s our foundation. Because it is.

Everything is research.

From the first “why?” asked as a child, to the person we want to be in a relationship with, to attending an interview, to buying a car, going on a vacation, we research it. So, imagine how important is that for a business, it almost doesn’t need an explanation. If you want to grow, you need research. If you want to reconstruct, you need research. If you want to rebrand, you need research.

See how many times we used “research”? Well, research says that repetition is important.

Wave’s “Oh, yes”

Custom solutions

Businesses are different, times change fast, so you can’t use the same tools and conclusions. Every request is met by an ample analysis, followed by proper and spot on solutions.

Client obsessed

This is a business for other businesses. Our research plunges to the core of our client, the best place to find an organic and efficient solution designed to create real results.


We like to know our clients, so we’ll ask you lots of questions and keep in touch most of the times. Patterns save time, but Wave saves businesses, so no recipes or predefined work from us.

Cutting edge approaches

Be relevant or disappear.
We promised to keep our pace and hungry curiosity alive, to stay up-to-date and provide the best services by including innovation in our work. So, tomorrow is excitement and anticipation, not fear.

What we do

Online Research Communities

Classical Qual & Quant Reinvented

UX Research




Clientology has partnered with Wave to conduct a strategic qualitative UX study as part of an international project with a leading bank. We really appreciated Wave’s cooperation and support on the project, project with so many ad-hoc last minutes changes and time pressures.

Thomas Holan

Managing Partner - Clientology

Wave’s flexibility, attention to details and professional delivery was much appreciated and contributed to successful completion of the project.

Therefore, we strongly recommend Wave as a reliable long-term partner and consultant for market research purposes.

Erik Getlik

CX & Marketing Consultant - Clientology

Throughout our collaboration, we have been very satisfied with the services provided by Wave, which has proved to be a reliable partner, with strong work ethic and attention to details. The conclusions derived from the studies done together with Wave were useful, actionable and insightful.

We highly recommend Wave as a long-term partner for qualitative market research projects, and we are considering them one of our trusted partners on these types of studies.

Monica Ungureanu

Client Research Manager - BRD

Wave Research & Exact developed a cutting edge and agile solution for our problem, in accordance to Phillip Morris team’s expectation for an innovative, as well as actionable approach: the Double Diamond. This involves intensive Design Thinking workshops and ongoing consumer listening and validation.

We recommend this joint venture because they always managed to deliver on brief and beyond.

Catalina Sofrac

Consumer Insights & Analytics Manager - PMI

The team’s enthusiasm translated into fast and actionable recommendations for our company.

Their passion recommends them, along with a fresh view, fast reactions, and good communication with the Telekom team.

We would highly recommend and we would be happy to work in the future with Wave and Exact for these types of research projects.

Daniela Hariuc

Head of CEX & Market Insights - Telekom Mobile Romania


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