Passion guides us

in every project.

We are a hub of market researchers with different backgrounds: from academic (sociology, anthropology), to market research and business consultants. We have joined forces in order to provide a different perspective on market research – acting as a white noise curator, helping brands to distinguish between consumer true self and white noise. How do we do this? In 2 ways:

  1. Seeing the story in your data through collective intelligence and storytelling
  2. Generating the data for your stories through market research



The team

Monica Marinescu

Managing Director

Andreea Nedelcu

Executive Director

Exclusive collaborators

Design Team

Advanced skills in graphic design, art direction and video editing. They are in charge with our outputs design, with the mission to transform the research insights and data into visual art.

Business Consultants

With an extensive experience in both a research agency and inside a marketing department from large companies, our business consultants will help with generating actionable insights for our clients.

Qualitative Moderators

10 years of experience in qualitative insight generation.

Quantitative Researchers

10 years of experience with quantitative research projects.