What we do

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Online Top Solution - Online Research Communities

A holistic research methodology designed to connect brands with their customers, in order to build or strengthen brand success, increase loyalty and advocacy. Online research communities are the perfect tool for brands to engage with their consumers in real time, building up long term relationships. Complex and uniquely tailored mechanisms are used in order to create consumer engagement and ensure their involvement and proactivity in the study.

How we do it

Participants are recruited taking into consideration multiple qualitative criteria, based on business questions that need to be answered, target group segments and/or homogeneity. They are then invited to a closed and confidential online community where business questions take the form of engaging challenges. We involve gamification mechanics and needs-based incentives in order to develop fully customized motivational strategies for each community.

Our recipe for an actively engaged online research community has 3 main ingredients:

  1. Pioneers in running online research communities in Romania thus benefiting from the most experienced
  2. Broad expertise in market research methodologies and types of studies across all industries
  3. Interdisciplinary skills that stimulate innovation in project approach and delivery

What is the outcome

Online research communities can be used either for addressing tactical or strategic challenges of a company (e.g.: consumers profiling and segmentation, communication test and reshape, concept/product test, ideation, consumer satisfaction, usage and attitudes understanding, unmet needs and expectations exploration, etc.).

Different setups can be developed for running effective tests and validations of hypotheses as well as explore and uncover deep motivations, perceptions or unmet needs. Co-creation remains a strong asset of using online communities.

The closed, moderated and confidential structure of the community environment makes it suitable for addressing also more sensitive topics or internal business challenges (such as: employee benefits strategies, employee satisfaction, pharmacists, doctors, patients, business target – B2B, etc.)

Our online research communities are:

  • high performing tools for market research/communication/product tests (allowing both 24-hours consumer feedback as well as deep dives into consumers’ perceptions and motivations using selfnographies and storytelling).
  • engaging tools for brands to connect with their customers/potential customers, only a click away, by observing them in a natural, unbiased environment where they feel free to interact and share opinions.
  • effective tools for impactful decision making, insightful and with applicable result for all stakeholders and departments within a company.
  • fun and sometimes competitive leisurely activities for participants, that allow the highest level of insights shared (both through text and multimedia)

One type does not fit all

Based on specific business needs and challenges, we develop customized online research community environments, such as:

  • Branded community that allows gaining consumer proactive feedback and usage of co-creation for brand innovation
  • Category related community that brings together specific category fans for a deep understanding of specific usage mechanisms
  • Target related community that allows a closer look at the specifics of a target segment, be it millennials, business target, patients, etc.
  • Employees online community that allows a confidential, objective and extensive feedback from own employees


Classical Qual & Quant Reinvented

We use our extensive expertise in running research to reshape the classical methodologies, in order to make them more appealing and interactive, contextualizing them from users’ current needs (by using gamification mechanics etc.).

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